Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Clean Break

I'm ready for a clean break
not from a relationship
or a dead-end job
or a dead-on criticism

Not even from a place
I have outgrown
or the tedium of days
that roll one into another

Without stopping or staging
I am ready for a clean break
from old prose and problems
creeping into new territory

Of battlegrounds and mythos
tales of comings and goings
that never go anywhere
but into cycles of repetition

I want to break it down
into something I can digest
without getting sick
of the sound of my own voice

I want to shatter heartache
in a wake of crashing
into the sweetness of
something other than walls

I want to snap the bones
of this one time I...
leave them in the desert
let the vultures feast

I want to leave it so
defiled and unrecognizable
that even my ghost won't
believe that it was me

I'll make a clean getaway
to the back end of nowhere
ditch the truck in a ravine
light a fire to raze the dead

A clean break coming
after dirty and broken
after the lost and found
I won't be anything at all

I'll be everything, instead.

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