Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Where We Begin

I love you best in the morning
before the day intrudes
and you are the most you
in that space before you
pick up the burdens of the day
which you carry so well
on that back that is so much
stronger than it looks
under clothing and cares

I love you best in the sunrise
when your curls are unruly
and you wear glasses
not contacts while you
fumble with the coffeepot
right before you stop
to turn and put your arms
around my waist
a fortress against intrusions
of budgets, bills, and income

I love you best in the waking hours
in the space between the dreams
of sleep and those of a dawning day
when you pull me in close and
mumble, "Hi," before smiling
and closing your eyes for just
a minute or two more

I love you best when I am at my best
not thinking, processing, or scheming
just feeling and being in the presence
of nothing but the purity of it all
the love that behaves like a faithful
sun and returns again and again
never growing tired of its morning
obligation of calling in the day

I love you best in the morning
because it means that I ended
another day with you and we
both chose the course of our
yes and committed to another
without question, without regret
without what ifs or wandering
I love you best, simply because
you are you, and I am me
and I love you like the sun
loves the Earth in the morning

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