Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Homesick, Ready, Go.

Keep me. Keep me as close as everything you once flung so far with the force of your breath, blowing your wishes away, instead of holding them to your breast. Hold me at heart level so I can hear that you're alive and echo back the staccato rhythm of your light. Turn out the light and turn to me. The darkness doesn't mean I'll disappear. Disappear with me. Let's go all the way into the deep morning, where the day won't find us. Find me. I'll wait right here and never go anywhere at all. I never go anywhere, but my life does. My life is a home that takes the long way back to where I stand. I stand so solidly in your love. My every move is a deliberate step towards you. You move me. I move towards you and never away. Keep your wishes close to your breast. I am with you. Keep me close. I'll never leave home again.

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