Sunday, August 18, 2013

Come the Rapture

Come the rapture, I will be unapologetic
I'll put on another pot of coffee
and I won't fuck myself over by using
anything less than pure cream
"Yeah, I did that," I'll grin, remembering
I'll light another cigarette
"Yeah, I did that, too. Do you want
a beer before you go?"
I'll shrug when he gets to the part
about beating up a little boy
outside of a Baptist tent revival
"Cut me some slack, I was only eight"

He'll be bumming a smoke
in no time flat, and I'll think
to myself that he has a kind face
and he looks tired
a twinge of sympathy
and I'll concede that I'm sorry
for the moments of overwhelming arrogance
and a self-righteous chip on the shoulder
I'll slice up some fresh fruit and imported cheese
slide a pitcher of water across the table
and ask, "Would you mind? A deep red."

I'll ask for atonement for the times
I didn't call or didn't show up
the times I didn't try hard enough
or remained silent when I should have
spoken up, and the times I spoke
when I should have remained silent
I'll remain unrepentant about the divorce
the ditched classes and the dropping out
the train jumping and unnecessary risks
I'll smirk when we get to the part about
my sexual proclivities and feign shock
"Jesus! That's a bit forward of you.
We've only just met! You're making me blush.
Next you'll be asking me about my finances."

I"ll show him the door and tell him I've
loved every minute of my life
and will gladly stay behind for eternity
I've got plenty of questions of my own
I'm dying to know if the all-powerful
thing was a slight exaggeration
and if not, what was up with the
holy wars, the Holocaust, famines
slavery, anorexia, schizophrenia
rapists and pedophiles
oh my god, did you really just
question me about my sex life?
but I'll leave them unspoken
he looks tired and he has a kind face

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