Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Learning as I Go

  1. The less often I am afraid to speak my truth, the less often the words are necessary.
  2. Working for myself really is as fantastic as I thought it would be.
  3. It's hard fucking work to be your own boss. And totally worth it.
  4. A client who is pleasant to work with and respects your time and effort is worth ten times more than whatever they are paying you.
  5. A client who treats you like shit will never pay you enough to make it worthwhile (and they rarely pay you as much as the pleasant clients, anyway).
  6. When my house is not clean, I am a mess.
  7. When I'm getting ready for goodbyes, I circle in tight on the people and moments that matter the most and let the rest fall away.
  8. When you genuinely like people as a whole, nice people will find you everywhere and effortlessly.
  9. I have approximately zero interest in who belongs to the who's who in any given social scene. Therefore, I am typically too clueless to be impressed with name dropping. Are you a nice bajillionaire artist? Great. Let's be friends. Are you a super witty, kind homeless dude? Cool. Let's be friends. If you won't cross social barriers, you're missing out. I promise you.
  10. I think everyone should keep a secret list of their superpowers. I bet you have more than you think.
  11. One of my favorite yoga teachers of all time ever was fond of saying, "If you can't smile while you're doing it, it's usually not worth it. That goes for on the mat and off." It's one of my guiding philosophies.
  12. If you love being alive, you can change everything without changing a thing.
  13. If you find someone you love who loves you back, it's beautiful. But if you find someone who loves you unconditionally and you love them unconditionally, and you bring out the best in each other without ever trying to change the other? Say thank you a hundred times a day, make it your religion, and treat it like the holiness that it is.
  14. As my children approach adulthood, I tend to shy away from parenting advice or dogma more and more, beyond, "Love them. Love them. Love them."
  15. One of the only things I will offer up in that arena these days is to beg you to reconsider age segregated friendships. Their lives will be infinitely richer if they are comfortable socializing with people who are much older and much younger. Plus, it's really heartwarming to watch a teenager happily choose to spend their day going to a movie with one of your friends, or coloring with a three year old.
  16. If it matters, don't wait. If it doesn't matter, don't waste your time.

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