Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things I'll Leave On the Doorstep of the Desert

  • Nine and a half years of my life
  • Hundreds of books
  • A worn out couch and chair
  • The parking lot where I was served divorce papers
  • The raging battle that ensued for the next year
  • Friends who became family
  • The nine homes I've lived in during this time
  • Clothing that no longer matches my soul
  • Memories of the many births I was honored to attend here
  • The battle of our life: Family vs. Eating Disorder
  • The coffee houses that were the settings for some of the biggest turning points of my life
  • The best Pho I've ever had in my life
  • Chicken and waffles compulsions that can only be satiated by one restaurant
  • Relationships that ended when they needed to end
  • Watching my little girls turn into teenagers
  • The proclamation that I would never let myself fall in love again
  • Six wild nights with Kali Ma and moments of reckoning
  • Lightning over the mountains
  • Driving in dust storms
  • The last time in my life I'd ever be truly drunk
  • The first draft
  • The last phone call I ever had with my mother
  • And the one telling me she had died
  • My first spoken word performance
  • A flower that only blooms for one night a year and allowed me to be its guest
  • The sweetness of watching my collection of children, birthed and chosen, ask my fiancee to marry me in front of some of our dearest friends
  • My deepest gratitude for holding me so well for so long
  • A love song

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