Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1st

Nighttime in the kitchen.
A paper towel for a clean slate.
A dry erase marker to write new dates.
Clean out the freezer.
Throw out a magnet that was purchased while in a pit of despair. Its message is no longer relevant.
Change the home of a postcard that lists the places she finds me.
Start to throw away a card whose message is brief. Realize it is the handwriting that is important and keep it.
Remember a birthday.
Place the picture of my patron deity in a small cardboard box of special significance.
Stare at the calendar holding only two dates. It will not be that sparse for long. Savor the empty.
Think about cleaning the refrigerator and the stove. Decide that it can wait until tomorrow.
Listen to the quiet.
Feel the fear that came on suddenly vanished just as quickly. Feel it, but don't analyze.
Decide to take a break before tackling the dishes.
Start washing dishes.
Just start.
Stop when it's time to stop.
It's a brand new month and there's no reason to cry in this moment.
It's all so fucking beautiful.
September is here.

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  1. Sounds like Autumn walked in on you too....welcome....