Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Trail Blazed Me

Helicopters and cop cars
another shooting
another man dead
the third in as many months
within a couple of blocks
of the home that is my haven
you can't raise the dead
only raze your indifference
when it's right outside
your front door
instead of on the news

This morning I was awakened
by the sounds of thunder
and lightning brightening the sky
and the drip, drip, drip of rain
directly onto my bedroom floor
my love affair with the monsoon
is never dampened by
the old leaking roof
and it's drawing to an end
so I kiss it good morning like
I'll never say goodbye

The privilege of another walk
in the rain and returning
home with a coffee in hand
nothing more to annoy me
than the man who calls out
his screen door to beckon
me over, every single morning
it's the same, and he's always
so surprised when my battered
boots never cross his threshold
which is nothing at all
in the grand scheme of things
it's not a bullet and it isn't blood
and it isn't getting raped

Dreams that she loves me
and it feels like home
and I wake up to find
evidence that it's all true
every single morning it's
still true and she is the truest
thing I've ever known
it's not shame or regret
in the grand scheme of things
it's everything, this business
of loving and being loved

I've never blazed a trail
not a single one
no matter the machete
in my hand
no matter the fire
in my belly
no matter the words
in my throat
no matter the matters
at hand, it has
always been and will
always be
the trail that blazed me

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