Saturday, October 12, 2013

When Everything Changes

When the seasons are changing
and the morning chill shrugs off
a few hours after dressing in layers
and the layers of residual lives
reveal themselves in dream or prayer
cobblestone and concrete vows
and all of the grandfathers gather
for the good of the generations
while the generations unaware
wake up and brush their teeth
rub the sleep from their groggy eyes
forgetful as they should be
in order to keep going to work
in order to keep making dinner
in order to keep living in the present
and everything changes

When there is nothing left to denounce
no protest or fanfare surrounding legacy
just the soft blanket of light that rests
warm and heavy on your shoulders
like a prayer shawl, not a death shroud
and you are reborn into the comfort
of knowing who you are and where
you belong, it no longer matters
so much where you came from
or the path where your footfall marred
the ground that was both solid and yielding
 it all changes, no matter which way you go

When it feels like there is nothing left
you begin to see the things that matter
and maya loosens her grip, shakes you
awake and out the door, towards the light
towards the prayers of the grandfathers
towards the becoming that has been waiting
your entire life for you to take notice
and your own prayers come more frequently
and with an ease that defies your own belief
or lack thereof, and you know that you
don't know what you don't know
and it is best to stop trying to figure it out
because it doesn't need your understanding
in order for you to understand it to be true
it isn't changeable and it isn't changing
when everything changes, the conversion
and currency is nothing more than you

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