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Over the course of the fourteen years I've been blogging, my writing has undergone a series of dramatic changes that mirror the unfolding of my life as a whole. The transitions included shifts in both style and focus as I moved away from the world of mommy blogging towards writing autobiographical poetry and prose as a hobbyist. Eventually, I gave up my day job entirely to pursue a career as a professional writer, which had been a lifelong dream, but one that I had always deemed as being impractical. None of it was linear, and each step of the journey taught me a lot about myself as a writer. This included figuring out what parts of myself were and were not for sale. The truth about writing for a living is that you are consistently selling yourself. Unless you aren't pouring yourself wholeheartedly into your writing, there is just no way around it. I believe that this is true of most professions, if the people engaging in them are passionate about what they do, but it is especially true for artists of any ilk. If you share your creations without attaching a price tag, you are giving yourself away. There is nothing inherently wrong or right about either either scenario. In fact, I believe there is a time and place for both. It's just about realizing that you're doing it, what it costs you, and which parts of yourself are up for grabs. It's not dirty to share yourself through your chosen medium, and I cringe at the concept that artists who are supporting their families by sharing their gifts with others in exchange for money have somehow sold out. I don't buy it. We all have to eat, and people who give so much of themselves through their work certainly deserve a place at the table.

I do my best to promote other artists in being able to turn their gifts into a livelihood, while at the same time being able to support my own family through my creative endeavors. If you are earning a living through your chosen art form and would like to sponsor this blog through the advertisement of your business, I'd love to talk with you to see if we're a good fit. I am offering an introductory rate of $25 a month, subject to change at any time. You can purchase on a month to month basis if you'd like to give it a trial run, or you are welcome to pay for as many months as you wish up front. Please be aware that no refunds will be issued once payment has been made. Contact me at for more details.

To my readers, please rest assured that I will never feature sponsorships from businesses that I believe to be unethical in any way. In other words, if I wouldn't feel good about buying it, you will never see it on this blog.

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