In the Details: Dwelling In the Epicenter of Beauty e-course

You already dwell in the epicenter of beauty

What is your relationship with your life? Are you in love with it?  Do you approach your days with a sense of wonder and excitement? Do all of the beautiful little details of people and moments and things shine light into your dark corners?

If not, have you examined the reasons?  Do you see people who seem to move through life with a positive outlook and wonder how they do it? Maybe you have assumed that if only this thing or that would change, you could finally be content.

The good news is that you are not broken. Your life is already overflowing with an abundance of beauty just waiting for you to notice it. You don't need anyone else' s life. You need tools to see the one you already have with new eyes.

Maybe you already love your life and simply want to find new ways to appreciate it even more. By dedicating time to consciously noticing and appreciating what you already think is good, you can kick it up another notch and find yourself in awe of things previously unnoticed, even though they were right in front of your face.

This is not about shutting down feelings or being in a state of denial about things that are painful, scary, or truly need to be remedied. It is about creating a life that refuses to be so engulfed by the negative that it removes our ability to feel anything else.  Even when things are hard, we have a right to find the beauty in our lives. If anything, we need it more than ever during the hard times. We are more effective in dealing with problems constructively when we're not operating from a negative perspective.

Beginning June 8th, In The Details: Dwelling In the Epicenter of Beauty will set off on a six-week journey of daily exercises, prompts, and tools to assist you in finding the inherent beauty in your life as it is. I will hold a weekly class, and you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can receive feedback, ask questions, and form relationships with other participants in the group. This course is designed to be both pragmatic and fun, and a place you can share freely within a supportive and non-judgmental contained space.

Over many years of dwelling in the epicenter of beauty, people have often asked me how I do it. Oftentimes, they're surprised to learn that my life has held some serious struggles and traumas, and are even more surprised when I tell them that for many years I was pessimistic and had an adversarial relationship with my life. I was not born an optimist, it's habitual! The good news about attitudes being habitual is that all habits can be changed. I reframed how I approached my life, and the differences in how I felt and behaved were so monumental that I knew I would never go back to my old way of being. I firmly believe that if I'm capable of this, so are you. You were born to enjoy the experience of being alive. Are you ready to claim your  joy?

Pre-registration is now open.The earlybird pricing from now until May 1st is $108, which includes your e-course workbook, a weekly class, access to the group, and one private thirty minute coaching session on Skype or by phone (your choice). Additional private sessions are available at a cost of $20 each. These can be purchased at the same time as the course, or at any point before it ends. If you would prefer a weekly hour long private session, you can save by bundling with the e-course for a one-time all inclusive payment of $250.

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  1. Not sure how I missed the existence of this ecourse....damn. If there is a next time, I would love to participate. Naima

    1. This Winter, Naima! When dates are solidified I will let you know. xo